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Pathways of “Ust’-Belsk” Natural Park

There are unique possibilities for ecological and educational tourism created in “Ust’-Belsk” Natural Park. The most interesting and exciting Park’s places are treaded with paths for walking and water excursions.

A special ecological pathway introduces with bobaks colony live. This large gnawing animal from the squirrel family reminds in appearance and habits of its American congener, which is a famous “Groundhog Day” hero. And its mores are also funny. Bobaks population thereabouts Ust’-Belsk is officially regarded to be the northernmost in Russia. This population is numerically insignificant and is being under protection.

There are pathways of different complexity along Kama banks and inward the Park. They help to habituate with the whole abundance of Ust’-Belsk intact nature. There are numerous beaver’s lodges, birds of prey nesting places, giant ant hills, flood-plain forests, and of course diversity of flora and amazing landscapes. And all this can be seen with your own eyes.

And water pathways are also attractive. It is possible to reach the most remote Park areas by boats, and have a rest in quite picturesque creeks or move to the opposite bank to draw a bead on a secluded place for fishing.

And there’s a place that is invested with an air of mystery. And this place is Chegandinskye caves. There’s separate pathway trod to it. There are two caves. The mouth of the first one can be spotted from the river side. Though it’s 6 meters high above the ground it’s quite easy to be climbed. A majestic sight opens from a small platform near the entrance of the cave – you can see well from here how the Belaya flows into the Kama. Its silvery-white waters flow far without mixing the lead-blue Kama. The legend tells there was an unknown tribe that came to this place 5 thousand years ago and dug these caves. Those people were of different height, beauty and manners than all the rest were. They had a hidden way of living and held themselves away from strangers; they didn’t trade with their neighbors. This mysterious tribe stayed in those caves for a hundred years. And then suddenly they went deep into one of the tunnels and covered the entrance with a huge stone from the inside. Another tribe dwelt at this place a few centuries later and turned caves into a copper mines. Copper was extracted here about 1,5 thousand years ago. When the conquest of Siberia started, voluntary robbers have chosen these caves to be their shelter. People say they hid treasures here. And people also say ataman Ermak and Sten’ka Razin also new about this secluded place, and they hid here with their gangs to avoid prosecution. Robbers, who plundered ships and trains, played masters of Chegandinskye caves for a long time. Finally they were smoked out from it by Red Army that blew up tunnels and encumbered a lot of cave mouths during the Civil War.