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Natural Park

“Ust’-Belsk” Natural Park was found on August 6th, 2001. It is situated on the very south-east of Udmurt Republic in Karakulinsky district. Park is considered to be a specially protected natural area of republican value.

The Park’s territory includes natural complexes and objects of significant ecological and esthetic value. Its total area is 1770 hectares.

“Ust’-Belsk” Natural Park is placed on the point where waters of the Belaya River meet the Kama, it’s in Karakulinsky district.

Natural Park state management is carried out by Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of Udmurt republic.

The Park’s territory consists of three functional zones:

- Forbidden zone

This zone provides protection of natural complexes and objects at strictly limited practical and recreation use. This zone includes the most scientifically valuable territories. All activities followed by changes in traditional natural landscapes and degradation or destruction of ecological, esthetic and recreational Park’s features are forbidden in this zone.

- Organized tourism and recreation zone

This zone intends for organized ecological education, introduction with natural sights and organization of short-termed good rest. This zone includes territories that are most suitable for pathways tourism; those are interesting forest and water bodies, botanical and zoological objects. A fair mushroom and berry picking, nonprofessional hunting and fishing are allowed. Closed season is from April 15 till June 15.

- Traditional usage zone

This zone includes the rest territory, which is not in forbidden or organized tourism and recreation zones. Here it is allowed to carry out production and household works, which are necessary for Natural Park functioning, as well as main needs recovery of land-owners and land-users living on this territory.

“Ust’-Belsk” Natural Park flora and fauna

Park’s terrain is gently rugged; it’s covered with bottomland forests. Dominant species of wood are large-leaved.

Park is situated at the boundary of forest and forest-steppe zones. A lot of south-kind species of insects, which are very rare or can’t be found in other regions of Udmurtia live here.

Natural Park flora is presented with 442 species of vascular plants, 18 of which are put in The Red Book of Udmurt Republic and Russian Federation (estragon, marsh euphorbia, marsh mallow).

Fauna is presented with 253 species. National Park water area is a home for 36 fish species. Three species form sturgeon family are put in The Red Book of Udmurt Republic and Russian Federation (beluga, starlet and Russian sturgeon).

A lot of birds species live in “Ust’-Belsk” Natural Park. About 165 species are estimated here, 22 of which are put in The Red Book of Udmurt Republic and Russian Federation (black-throated loon, bittern, fish-hawk, Montagu’s and marsh harriers, white-tailed eagle, red-footed falcon, golden eagle and others).

Amphibians are presented with 11 species, 3 of which are also put in The Red Book of Udmurt Republic and Russian Federation (red-bellied toad, pool and edible frogs).

There are 4 species of reptiles inhabiting the Natural Park area.

Mammals are presented with 35 species here. Those are hedgehogs, common shrews, moles, foxes, American minks, badgers, bobak marmots, beavers, mice, hares.

The basic infrastructure protected on the Natural Park’s territory is bottomland meadows, typical areas of broad-leaved forests, plants and animals, which are put in The Red Book of Udmurt Republic and Russian Federation.